Home and Kitchen Products That Make Life Easier

We have come a long way from our ancestors who cooked on wood burning stoves and washed their clothes on a washboard in the back room. Our modern day home and kitchen products that we take for granted came from the ingenuity and ideas of necessity and farsightedness.

Take the microwave oven for example, where the microwaves heat the food, liquids and recipes in a quick manner so the food can be served hot in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

We now have so many varieties of products that we have to take time to compare the functions of the same type of product to figure out which one is the best buy. For example, if you examine coffee makers, there are automatic shut offs, auto warming controls, delayed starting controls and so on.

Vacuum cleaners are a far cry from your grandmother’s motorless push carpet sweeper that she had to work at getting all of the dirt up from the floor. Now the suction and technology to vacuum the carpet and floors doesn’t give the dirt a chance at all. Now there are even central vacuuming systems where all you have to do is plug your hose into the wall, and the vacuum system is automatically started.

Ovens now have more gadgetry on them than did the astronauts on the first moon voyage with timers, buttons for this and buttons for that, where you can broil, roast, cook, simmer, and keep warm whatever you are cooking. Whatever recipe or dish you have going there can be a control for it.

Not that all of this is bad, not by a long shot. But if for some reason the power would be off for a long period of time, most of us would probably go hungry very quickly.

One of the more reliable and need items in the kitchen is the refrigerator and freezer. These have different areas that keep food at different temperatures. One temperature for the eggs and butter and another for the meat. The capacity of the modern refrigerator can keep up to a month’s food and it comes out as fresh as when you put it in.

And for the ultimate in home and kitchen products are the juicers, crockpots, hamburger fryers, spaghetti makers, yogurt makers, and a host of other gadgets and devices, all designed to perform a specific function.

From electronic dishwashers to garbage compactors, the modern kitchen and home has enough conveniences and shortcuts to fulfill any science fiction novel of the 50’s.

Just the heating and air condition systems of our modern homes would be a marvel and an unbelievable step ahead to our grandparents who had to sweat it out in the summer, and keep the coal stoked in the winter.

It is a fact that meals and cleanup times are getting done a lot faster and with more efficiency, than could have been possible 30 and 40 years ago. Life is a whole lot easier now that it ever used to be, and rightly so. That is why they were invented in the first place.